The things I do

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

β€” Oscar Wilde.

I’ve read some traits that other INTP’s have and I want to share with you my own list. I think we’re all pretty similar but I’m going to list them out in bullet points so it makes it easier. If you want any further explanations I’ll write it out in detail but for now, let’s get the party started! (NOT)

  • I’m not very good in social settings of more than 3 people.
  • I’m more articulate in writing than in speech.
  • I’m lazy and I procrastinate for the majority of my life.
  • I don’t know how to deal with people who are emotional.
  • I’m super imaginative.
  • I dream a lot.
  • I have a melancholy stare and I look serious.
  • I don’t look at people in the eyes when the conversation is boring.
  • I love philosophical questions and ideas.
  • I’m always day dreaming or thinking of something.
  • I love gaming and building PC’s.
  • I can talk for hours if the topic is interesting enough (longest 8 hours non stop).
  • People are intimidated by me at the beginning.
  • I can be super sarcastic and witty if I feel close enough to you.
  • I can offend people unknowingly with my comments.
  • I can be EXTREMELY stubborn
  • I hate the rules and I think they’re meant to be broken at times.
  • I’m very ethical and I have high morals.
  • I place my hands on my chin/face when I’m thinking (all the time).
  • I am the MOST laid back person on earth.
  • I want to learn everything but it’s just not feasible.
  • I can research and look at useless and irrelevant things all day.
  • My friends always messages me first, I rarely contact them.
  • I never finish any projects (possibly even this one).
  • I’m secretive and private.
  • I’ve never studied properly in school.
  • I have a selective number of friends and they are very intelligent.
  • My eyes are always scanning around like they’re looking for clues.
  • My mind drifts when someone is talking to me, they think I’m uninterested.
  • I tend to sit at the back of the room or at the sides.
  • When a plan cancels, I am overjoyed.

I can also probably tell you many more but I’m going to stop here, do you do the same things as me? I’m not a bad person I swear! I just look oddly cold on the outside but I’m a very warm person!!