I don’t think I fully know myself yet but I’ll give it a shot anyway. Who knows their real self!? -Me

I’m from the UK neither living in the North or South, I guess that can only conclude 1 (or many more) other answer(s). I’m in my late 20’s and possibly a hermit, I enjoy spending time at home looking at random things on the internet that interests me, I can spend all day watching YouTube and not being very productive. I’m very lazy and will procrastinate at all times. I don’t express myself well but when it comes to writing, I feel more comfortable.

Why am I doing this blog?

  • I want to express how I feel and think through writing.
  • Hopefully it will give you a new perspective on INTP’s such as myself

A question you may ask: How did you discover yourself to be an INTP?

I did the Myers Briggs test with my whole lecture class back at university and I found out I was an INTJ. Recently, I retook the test multiple times and finally understood I was an INTP. It kind of all made sense from there onwards and how I’m so awkward at times with other people.

Well welcome to my blog and I hope you find it useful even from a nobody like me. Please join in on my ‘adventure’ !