This post is about me.

When I was young, I’ve always wondered what I’ll be in the future, there were SO MANY careers I wanted to get into.

  • Architect
  • Astronomer
  • Scientist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Consultant
  • Business person/woman?
  • Strategist

There were a few more but again, I’m not going to list everything. Most of the things were mainly because of the extensive knowledge that is needed in order to become these professions. Knowledge, in my eyes is something that is SUPER attractive and it’s what I look for in a partner and also career. I was very interested in business when I was a kid because my parents had owned a shop before. I’ve also watched a lot of documentaries surrounding about it. The power, fame, status, money was what intrigued me at first but as years go by it’s not about that at all. Figuring out what I wanted was very difficult, I can’t focus on one thing and my mind is always everywhere. Projects that I had started aren’t finished; they are scrapped pretty quickly.

So why did I get into marketing?

In secondary school, I had a teacher who I quite liked. He was funny, friendly and quite patient with the kids. He said I had a ‘business head’ which actually meant the world to me because I respected him a lot. I would say I’m very creative, imaginative and possibly weird, no, let me rephrase that; I am weird.

I’ve heard INTPs are stereotypically perceived as academically great but I would just like to point out that I’m not. A*s, A’s isn’t something I would get at all and the reason is…because I’m lazy and I procrastinate a lot. I have never studied hard in my life because I was crazily occupied in games and doing other things. Leaving work till the last minute was a skill to me; a proficient one! Studying business in school was something that I enjoyed and when the topic of marketing came up, it opened another door for me. Ideas were flooding from my mind, coming up with weird and wonderful possibilities and solutions was what made me excited and it felt like I could really contribute to helping others promote their business. At the end I didn’t get a good grade, I’ve also studied this at college and likewise; I didn’t get a good grade. I knew I still wanted to get into business so at university I opted to choose marketing as my undergraduate course and towards my future career. At that time, I was starting to become a little more mature so I did put more effort than I was used to in this course and received a 2:1. I tried to find a job but because of my very ‘proficient skill‘ in procrastination I didn’t really get any offers. Fast forward a few months I decided to do a Masters degree in marketing management at the same university I was at. I made a few friends from my class…we’ve not spoke since after we’ve graduated. A shame, but I guess we weren’t closely connected to other.

Once the course had started I tried my best to put effort in by reading the recommended books and doing my assignments early but I never did. I don’t really like this about me: I’m too chilled out, too relaxed, too carefree, too calm. Out from everyone in my family, I AM the most chilled. My mum is a total panic monster (if you’ve not watched Tim Urban’s TED Talk then click here), my dad is pretty chilled and my brother is alright too.

What do I like about marketing anyway?

Marketing is very expressive to me because I can think abstractly, there are many creative possibilities and there’s a lot of strategy involved. The best thing is, I’m able to ‘help’ people or in reality, feed my brain with all the nutrition I need: creativeness, imagination, the big picture, concepts, philosophy and logic. I totally like the freedom of it. I hate rules (at times) and marketing doesn’t need to be rigid. Designing new campaigns, delivering ideas, coming up with brainstorms, grabbing people’s attention and their engagement is stimulating. How can you not like that? Maybe a few of my fellow INTPs may not agree with me here, but if you are slightly interested in marketing, then why give yourself a chance? There are LOADS of job titles associated with marketing, you don’t need to be extroverted to fit in perfectly. A market researcher, digital marketer, SEO specialist, strategist or consultants are all suitable. All in all, it’s about FREEDOM.

Well, where am I now?

…..things are best left unsaid but I will at least tell you a little. I’m not in marketing, but a sales role and let me also tell you, it’s completely different to marketing. This is what I think anyway, the reason being is because I’m more of a person who likes to think and strategise rather than actually DO it. This is a new job I have currently and I don’t think I’m doing very well at the moment. You might be thinking: But why? I thought you liked marketing; so why did you get a sales role? Well, after I graduated from my Masters I didn’t really put a lot of effort or if anything, in job hunting. I suffered a lot from this and many people junior to me have more experience than me. I had to start from somewhere. It’s tough but that’s life and it’s due to my laziness. Do I regret it? No. It was my decision at that time and I accept my consequences.

What’s the plan?

Someday, I would love to become my own boss of becoming a marketing consultant helping businesses achieve their vision. Any marketers able to give me a helping hand would be muchly appreciated, I’m currently into digital marketing for now. (They make a lot of money *snigger*)