Not only a good side…but a dark side

Since the booming of the internet and how things are still growing, there’s more and more people who are impacting us on daily life and these are what you call ‘influencers’. No matter how big or small you are, you’re still an influencer (in my eyes) and I find it interesting on how anyone can become one. Not saying this in any negative way at all, it’s very common for everyday people like myself to become one especially online. Let me tell you straight that I am in no way an influencer nor do I think I am one. I just like writing my thoughts ‘on paper’.

I remember YouTube when it first started and it was very small, only a few people posting their own homemade videos that were recorded from phones or whatever. It was pretty cool and somewhat entertaining and as it grew, more and more people popped up to entertain us. They were later so successful with the views they received, they were self made ‘millionaires’. I swear I saw PewDiePie in my city last month with a bunch of fanboys gathering around him. He had a GoPro attached to his head and was wearing some sort of sportswear as if he was doing some sort of cross country walk.

Anyway, going back to topic.

There are thousands and thousands, even millions of influencers, those who are on YouTube and the social medias we’re using right now. It seems like every few years, there are new social media apps coming up. If I’m not wrong, Tik Tok is the latest one? That’s more evidently used in China, the ones I’ve seen looks like it anyway. More and more people are jumping onto the bandwagon with wanting to make the latest videos or things on these apps in hopes to become well known and famous. What is the main reason? Fame? Money? A better career? It’s hard to define since all of us are different but with the example of PewDiePie and how much money he’s making, no wonder people are intrigued with this role.

So what’s that got to do with the title of the post anyway?

I, myself have thought about making videos on YouTube and other social media apps. Why?

  • Getting known
  • Testing my skills
  • I like to entertain people

I guess that’s it but regarding to the title there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. Think of it as a show, you’re on a stage and you have to act to a certain standard where people will either love you or hate you. Just like Marmite.

You either love it or hate it

There are a number of challenges to being an influencer, you’re not going to get perfect fans that will bow at your feet, excuse my exaggeration. These ‘haters’ will probably dig you up from your grave and feed your bones to the strays. Those who are thick skinned would be able to shrug that off but at the beginning of this process it would be pretty brutal and hard to deal with. I know I wouldn’t be able to cope if crows start pecking at me when I’m nowhere even dead yet.

I’ve seen a lot of drama on Youtube within the beauty community; disagreements with other influencers and being caught for immoral things. It feels like scandals come with being an influencer and should it even be like that? Drops on views is a measurable stat, bad publicity, loss of reputation and E.T.C. All these things makes me question whether being one in the first place is a good idea. Not wanting to put people off if that is what they want to do of course, it’s better to think about the future plus any consequence of actions that you may be responsible for (or not).

Behind closed doors it must be exhausting since you have to be active almost everyday, not just a regular 9-5 job. The fans will be the highlight, they are the ones who will keep you going but there’s also the dark side where you might fall into a deep and never ending pit. Depression and mental health issues may arise due to the stress and pressure of the environment.

All in all, self reflection is an important aspect and I think people should question themselves at times whether they are really happy with what they are doing and how they are right now. If the things you are doing feels right, then go ahead and enjoy it. Age is just a number that goes by year on year, collection of wisdom and experiences is what makes you grow.

Stop it with this philosophical shit rubbish please as I’m reading through this to myself right now.

Let’s end this post with a song that’s fitting.