I’ve always thought the answer would be yes since we’re all linked together in some sort of way even in the slightest interaction or bond you’ve created. Others would say it’s their moral duty to help others but of course, this isn’t the same for everybody. Doctors should(?) swear by the Hippocratic oath to help others in need and is generally owes a duty of care to patients(?). I guess some people would say they don’t owe anything to anyone if they don’t know the people. I’ve heard people say ‘Who cares as long as it’s not us?’ or a ‘Who cares as it doesn’t affect us?’ quite frequently. This actually bothers me.

It was only recently when someone said to me ‘We don’t owe each other anything‘ which got me thinking obsessively. After much thought and deliberation, I tend to agree in our instance. In this case it was just dating. Dating and getting into a serious relationship is completely different in my perspective. As discussed with ‘X’, dating can occur simultaneously with other people until you are ready to stay exclusive and into the labels. Dating>exclusivity>Labels.
This is the order of what happens during the dating phase. Individuals may have different opinions on this but I’m guessing this is the usual consensus.

If things don’t work out, then, is there anything we owe each other? Time? Money? Love? Respect? It’s a hard thing to grasp especially if things are a little one sided even though you are together. The first time I heard this I was a little taken aback but it was pretty insightful because ‘X’ is a philosopher. He’s almost the complete opposite of me being an ISFP, showing more emotion than me and being a realist. This made me think of a lot more.

Consent would be the main standpoint; consent to dating each other, time spent with each other, specific plans on the day and many more. It’s possible you don’t owe anything.

Those in relationships that are very long, let’s say years and years that have gone by and dissolved, do you feel owed? I know people that have been in a long term relationships for 9-10 years and when their relationship broke off some expressed their bitter anger. The reason was because of time. The amount of time they’ve been together made them believed that a promising future was in the happening. A marriage.

I thought he/she was the one because we’ve spent so much time together.

Person A

He wasted 10 years of my life, I can’t believe he/she discarded all those years we’ve had together.

Person B

It’s great when 2 people finally get the results they want in a relationship but with others who are not so fortunate, it can be very painful. If high expectations are set and you firmly believe that then you should always, in the back of your mind, prepare for the setbacks you’ve set up. Sorry for being harsh. I’ve had a lot of setbacks in my experiences too and I’ve learned to take everything in my stride. That’s my optimism.

Whenever someone says We don’t owe anything to each other, rather than being angry or upset, try to think from their perspective as to why they’ve said that. Understand their reasoning and once you’ve established that, try to voice your own.

What do WE owe to the world?

Do we have moral obligations to care, listen and respect each other? Do criminals have any moral obligations? If we listen to everyone’s opinions then we would get a clearer vision of what’s ethically right and wrong. But who’s to judge? Putting aside religion, there’s no one to tell us. It intrigues me every time I people watch, seeing their actions, behaviours, expressions to understand what they are living for.

Because, I don’t have a clear vision of what I’m living for.

So what are people living for? For their family or friends? Or just a gap to fill out those years before you die? People wanting to live out their years as peacefully as they can while others want to become something.

What can the world become if people were all like minded? Then there would be 2 possible outcomes:

A) World peace
B) Total obliteration and extinction of the world

There would obviously be a good and a bad. In our current stage, we are nowhere near both these options. We’re in the middle,even borderline B because we all have differences with each other. The media affects us daily and we’re almost brainwashed.

7.7 billion in the world. If I had one superpower, I think would like to have the option to listen to people’s inner thoughts. It would be fun at first but, it will cause you a lot of grief in the long term because there’s always a dark side to everyone, the level of negativity will consume your soul.

As any other living person, there are things that keep you living. It could be social norms, expecting yourself to be the same as everyone else following the crowd.

What do I owe to the world myself?

Instead of going into personal and family matters such as owing your parents the birth of you, although…some may say they weren’t given the choice. This is like the case of ‘Did the chicken or the egg come first?’
I’ve had many obscure visions when I was a kid wanting to become a highly respected professional such as a lawyer, police woman, entrepreneur E.T.C. I have always wanted to help people even if the impact is small. I’ve never got round to achieving a lot because I’m incredibly lazy and I procrastinate a lot which is one of the pitfalls of mine.

A few points that I would list on here that I owe to the world:

  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Privacy (Snowden, you are legendary)

Many have asked me what I would like to do in the future and I say a businesswoman, but to be honest I would rather just give ideas and get creative while getting paid for it. I can’t really say specifically what I owe to the world because I still have a lot of things I haven’t experienced yet. The more powerful and authoritative you become, the more you will understand how the world revolves? Maybe…

Once upon a dream in morality