I wonder how much time we spend stressing in our lifetime?

I don’t know about you but stress is be a big part of life. Usually I’m pretty much stress free and I am carefree the majority of the time but let me tell you the times when I was incredibly stressed:

  • Deadline for my dissertation and deadlines in general.
  • Dealing with post breakup
  • Being caught up in drama

Let me first tell you all about the first point, being a procrastinator and doing things last minute is something that we all do. Sometimes even I am concerned on how lazy I can be when deadlines are approaching. Maybe I like torturing myself and stress forces me to focus while working at maximum productivity. At the end of it, I’m able to deliver whatever is needed and whether or not that is a good enough standard, is subjective. Well, being honest, it’s not good enough for me and I don’t think they will highly think of it either. There were times where I had fully mapped out everything and I was proud of the results but it was a rare occasions.

If a friend of mine tells me to meet at X place at X time, then unfortunately I’m always late. Do I get stressed about it? Well not really but I will let them know beforehand. I’m usually known as the ‘late one’ for most social gatherings. At work on the other hand, I’m always arriving early; I will plan out my whole journey and leave at least 15 minutes to spare.

The second bullet point will relate to everyone. I don’t think there’s a need to expand on that. What I will say though, is, if the relationship broke up because of bad terms then I will never contact that person again.

The third bullet point is something that makes me incredibly stressed because I’m caught up in drama that doesn’t really involve me but in turn made me either a ‘messenger’ or ‘third party’. Don’t bring me into your shit mess. Being a nice person is hard enough, please don’t make my ears bleed with the constant strife. I particularly don’t like gossip or any sort of drama that will rile people up. This is why I like hanging out with the opposite gender and have a lot of silly and one-up banter. Dismissing people isn’t something I will do as I will listen to them, but if they’re wanting any sort of advice then I will be pretty cutthroat.

If you think that’s finished then let me add another to the list:

  • Reaching targets, more specifically hitting metrics.

This is the latest one I’d like to add and although I like numbers and statistics, this particular one is starting to give me grey hairs. I love competency and I love being more than competent in my job. My previous jobs were OK, I know I was doing a really good job and I was very satisfied and happy. What a change it has been these few weeks! Slowly…it’s like going into the deep sea. Don’t think I have much to add. Short post today.