This post was meant to be posted 2 months + ago. I just don’t have the time and energy to keep up with what’s going on.

Every now and again it’s a good time to think about your life and recent events that has happened. I spoke to a guy recently and I asked him ‘How would you describe yourself?’ He said these 3 words: kind, caring and introspective. What the hell does introspective mean? That was my reaction the first time I heard him say that, but who am I to say because I do that all the time. It’s sad to say but hearing that particular word from somebody somehow makes the other person confused.

How often do people stop and think about past events or things that have occurred in their daily lives? I doubt many. When people say stop and smell the roses, then do it! People forget that because of this busy life they have . I remember and treasure the smaller details in life and the one thing that struck out to me the most was when I was strolling through the park a few months ago, I saw a man gazing in awe at a squirrel hopping around. I’m glad that he’s not the only one who’s enjoying life around him. He didn’t pull out his smartphone like we all do to take pictures or anything, he just stood there and watched. Others will find it a little strange but I actually appreciated it. He and also the scenario too. Super touchinggg.

I spoke to someone over the phone today about spirituality and how people are too busy to even think about themselves. He said that people think negatively about things instead of focusing on the positives, the more you believe you can do something, the more it’s to the truth and reality of things. I guess he has a point, I’m not going to dismiss that straight away. It was nice speaking to someone who’s intuitive and was able to provide me with some real life cases that he’s been through.

There’s been a lot of changes in the last couple of months and emotions have been running high.

While writing this and looking around at pragmatism vs idealism, I found a pretty nice article about millennials below. I thought ‘WOW, that’s me!’

Edit: I’m going to end it here since this post is pretty outdated now and I will write up another thing later on.