Do we move forward or do we tend to look back at the things and reminisce about the past? It’s a pretty hard one because I used to always think about the past and sometimes regret some of the life choices I’ve made over the years. Even now, there are things I kinda wished I had done differently and maybe my life wouldn’t be like this right now. BUT, as the year is drawing to a close I guess it’s time to move forward and embrace 2020; year of the Tokyo Olympics. I would have stayed until then but unfortunately due to “UNFORESEEN” circumstances I had to leave.

Most people have new year’s resolutions but I don’t think I will come up with any. I’ll see, I might change my mind later.

I’ve seen a documentary where someone asks the elderly what their biggest regret was and most said they wished they had the balls to do something different. I’d like to have bigger balls to do something totally different too. It’s why I’m making some changes to my life and integrating some positive things to keep myself occupied.

What about me? Thinking about this whole year it has been pretty quick. I came back from Japan just after the 1st quarter and I’ve been working since and I’ve met a lot of new people. Come December, it’s almost already over. If time was reversible I wish I could go back being 12 because that’s when I can concentrate on studying rather than spending the majority of the time gaming and becoming addicted to it.

So what am I proud of to date?

  • My terribly good work ethic
  • My reliability
  • My thinking

And what am I not proud of?

  • Falling into the same trap over and over again emotionally
  • My rashness when it comes to ___________?
  • Being lazy

Is it wrong to look back, not really…but don’t beat yourself up. What the fuck is the meaning of life-I don’t know. All I know is that you have a whole lifetime to do something with your life so why not try to make some nice changes to the world.

For me, I don’t want to look back for what’s happened this year. Money comes and goes, people come and go, life comes and goes. It’s a fact that we can’t change. Facts can’t change but what you can change is the process of acquiring that fact. Today I spoke to someone who owned and I asked him what’s the craic? Told me that he works in IT and got fed up of people asking him for help so he went and bought a domain. My hero! And I believe in him and that domain!

Next year is looking good for me if I can get that particular job, I’m all up for it and that means I will be moving about. There’s something I also want to do but it feels like I don’t have enough time for it since I’m juggling multiple things at the same time. Perhaps I might need to wake up at 5AM and join the ‘5AM CLUB’ but I value sleep too much so it’s not feasible for me.