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Life of an INTP

  • Dealing with stress

    17th Sep 2019 by

    I wonder how much time we spend stressing in our lifetime? I don’t know about you but stress is be a big part of life. Usually I’m pretty much stress free and I am carefree the majority of the time but let me tell you the times when I was incredibly stressed: Deadline for my… Read more

  • Do we owe each other anything?

    8th Sep 2019 by

    I’ve always thought the answer would be yes since we’re all linked together in some sort of way even in the slightest interaction or bond you’ve created. Others would say it’s their moral duty to help others but of course, this isn’t the same for everybody. Doctors should(?) swear by the Hippocratic oath to help… Read more

  • A tough nut to crack

    5th Sep 2019 by

    Are you a macadamia or pistachio? No one has actually said that I’m a tough nut to crack but quite a few people have reminded me that I can get pretty cold and emotionless, to put it bluntly. The more I’m starting to understand myself, the more I’m starting to accept myself and the behaviours… Read more

  • What’s it like being an influencer?

    4th Sep 2019 by

    Not only a good side…but a dark side Since the booming of the internet and how things are still growing, there’s more and more people who are impacting us on daily life and these are what you call ‘influencers’. No matter how big or small you are, you’re still an influencer (in my eyes) and… Read more

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